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Discover all the solutions offered by our company: Photovoltaic Panels, Solar thermal Panels, Wood Energy, Electrical engineering and water drilling.


Our work

Our company has carried out multiple installations, ranging from Photovoltaic panels to drinking water drilling. You can discover these by clicking on the link below.



To certify the quality of our solutions, our experience and our knowledge, Wilmosolar has extensive expertise in many areas.



WILMOSOLAR was established in 2013. As the solar market expanded worldwide, WILMOSOLAR made itself available to the public and started offering high-quality services.
For us, the sun is the largest source of renewable energy. The earth depends on it, and nature uses it to survive. Why should modern humans not adapt their technological armoury to such an ancient reality?
WILMOSOLAR guarantees an independent energy supply that makes up for malfunctions affecting the power network, and it allows you to make large energy savings with high-performance, sustainable facility. Not only does solar energy become competitive compared with the power network, but in addition, it is a response to a better way of using power, far from “always more” and from wastefulness.
Furthermore, power consumption has cost implications for a balanced budget and on the balance of nature. That is why WILMOSOLAR, you partner in energy-saving, works with you to lower your energy bill, for your benefit and for the benefit of our planet.

By contacting us, you will be assured of working with competent, dynamic people who specialise in their fields of activity. WILMOSOLAR is here to offer you the solutions that best meet your needs.

Our commitments :

  1. A turn-key installation (solar panels, regulator, wave inverter, cabling, and battery)
  2. A choice of high-performance equipment
  3. High-quality service
  4. Responsive, efficient maintenance
  5. Customer satisfaction

We also work across Africa to distribute solar furniture that is independent, reliable, and robust. Photovoltaic technology is all at once extraordinary, simple, and beneficial for tomorrow. Become an independent producer of solar energy!

Our solutions


Unlike fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, etc ...), solar energy is a clean energy without emissions of pollutant gases, inexhaustible, renewable and free. Solar energy can cover all or a portion of our electricity needs. Everyone can produce electricity with confidence.

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Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy is the transformation of energy from the sun into heat. That process guarantees free, clean, inexhaustible energy. Because respect for the environment is our priority, we offer innovative devices that use the sun to provide heat energy.

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Wood-fired boilers

Heating with wood has significant advantages. Wood is an abundant fuel that is available to everyone, and it is the cheapest fuel on the market cheapest market (depending on the country; please see the context). It is an environmentally-friendly material that, when burnt, releases the CO2 fixed during its growth.

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Electrical engineering

Wilmosolar specialises in high-voltage and low-voltage systems. It manages all business lines involved in electrical installation, as well as carrying out design work and implementing electrical systems in the construction and service sectors.

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Water drilling

The company WILMOSOLAR, specialist in the field of drilling and water well construction, we put our knowledge and our skills at your service to realize your future water removal: artesian wells, pumping wells, deepening of existing wells. With the involvement and expertise of our engineers and drillers Experienced hydrogeologists, WILMOSOLAR will be able to help you succeed in your projects by producing quality work from design to finishing. When we take on a hydraulic drilling well, we ensure that all safety standards are met and find the best drilling solution, tailored to your land and your needs.

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For us, the sun is by far the largest source of renewable energy.

Our Engagements

  • An all-inclusive facility

    solar panels, controller, inverter, wiring, battery

  • A choice of efficient equipment

    Our materials are selected and tested for their performance and reliability.

  • A quality service

    Outcome of a experience and a knowledge to make.

  • A reactive and efficient maintenance

    We are committed to act responsively and effectively.